Jaguars Embarrass, Hit Rock Bottom


Jaguars Embarrass, Hit Rock Bottom in Primetime Spotlight

Sports Column

By Lorenzino Estrada


How bad did the Jaguars play yesterday? Other than not speaking one word while the game was on, I got up right before halftime and went to Starbucks, where I got a free drink, which was the best part of my night.


The Jaguars were demolished by the Titans 36-22.


The Gus Bradley era is over. As I write this, I am hoping that my phone will ring and get the news that he has been relieved of his coaching duties. But that isn’t going to happen. Why? I really don’t know. Bradley began his coaching tenure with the Jags in 2013. Since then he’s gone 14-41, the worst win percentage of any coach in the Super Bowl era with at least 50 games. The problem is that this loss won’t be his last. Jaguars owner Shad Khan told the Florida Times Union that there would be no coaching change.


By the second quarter the Jaguars just gave up. The effort wasn’t there, the passion wasn’t there, and the positivity wasn’t there. Despite the fact that players continue to support of him, Bradley has lost the locker room and his team. It’s time for a change in Jacksonville, a new face and leadership. The season can still be salvaged, especially with the Jags being in a weak AFC South, but not under Gus Bradley.


The fans deserve so much more than what’s been going on lately, we wake up every game day, put on our Jaguars gear, perform our pregame rituals, sit in our favorite seat and cheer on our team through thick and thin, but enough is enough.


Many people believe that it’s the players that should be held accountable, and that is true to some extent. But when the players aren’t trying anymore, that falls on the coaching. The Jaguars have turned into an out of sync, undisciplined team that needs a new voice.


Gus Bradley is a great husband, father and man, but that doesn’t mean he should continue to coach a team he has clearly lost. Firing someone isn’t easy, but at this point it’s necessary if the Jaguars want to keep their season alive.