Jaguars Drop To 2-6 After Controversial Call


Jaguars Drop To 2-6 After Controversial Call

By Lorenzino Estrada

The Jacksonville Jaguars found another way to lose this past Sunday, but this time it

wasn’t completely their fault.

The Jaguars lost to the Chiefs and referees 19-14.

After the firing of second year offensive coordinator Greg Olson, the Jaguars were

seeking answers for an offense with too much talent to be kept scoreless in

consecutive first halves. New interim offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett got

right back to a running game that has been missing the entire season. TJ Yeldon,

Chris Ivory and even Blake Bortles got the run game going, rushing for a season high

205 yards. Despite the significant boost in the run game, the passing attack was

stifled by the Chiefs secondary.

The defense continued to play at an extremely high level, only having an injured

Chiefs offense convert one third down out of 14. Also, the defense only allowed 231

total yards.

Just by looking at the stat sheet, it looks like the Jaguars should have won this game

with no question, but the Jaguars offense gave up four turnovers that put Kansas

City in excellent field position. All of Kansas City’s points came from Jaguar

turnovers. But one turnover cost the Jaguars the chance to win the game. With the

Jags at the two-yard line, Chris Ivory powered up the middle and appeared to have

scored a touchdown, but the ball came out. Officials went to the replay monitor to

see if Ivory broke the plain, which he did, but when the officials came back out they

called it a fumble, recovered by the Chiefs, robbing the Jaguars of seven points.

The Jaguars still managed to overcome this and scored a quick touchdown, and after

a quick defensive stop, the offense was back on the field. Running out of time and

facing a fourth and three, Blake Bortles forced a pass to wide receiver Bryan

Walters, where a Chiefs defender batted it down. The Jaguars once again found a

way to lose another game.

While officiating could be blamed for this loss, the Jaguars need to figure out how to

overcome adversity and close out winnable games. Teams that win championships

find ways to win games no matter the circumstances, the Jaguars are definitely not

there yet, and most likely won’t get there with their head coach. Jacksonville is up

for some major tests’ in the coming weeks, we’ll see if they can finally put it