Five Tips to help High School Students Achieve

img_2241Five Tips to help High School Students Achieve

By Alexus Rios


For must, high school can be a stressful time as we balance homework, our social lives, grades and extra-curricular sports or clubs. With the help and support of our parents, things can be a lot easier. These tips for parents are written by a high schooler and intended to help you, help your child succeed throughout their high school career.



1. Be a mental support. Parents should constantly remind us that they are here for us no matter what. As our guardians, it should be a responsibility that they can come forward and talk to us in our time of need. Create a comfortable atmosphere when the child decides to speak about problems they are having. High school as a whole can be a difficult environment when it comes to making friends.


2. Know your students’ teachers! It’s best to meet your child’s teachers and get involved within their schooling. It lets the teachers know that you care, as well as your child.


3. Set goals with each other. Try making short and long term goals with your child, to set them on the path to succeed. It helps with you being involved within their life, and also motivates them to do better.


4. Be your child’s parent and best friend. Students often tend to shy away from talking to their parents whenever they need to vent. By you becoming their confidante, you’ll be able to know what is bothering your child and try to fix their problems. It will be just like you talking to a best friend.


5. Talk about college. Even if you didn’t attend college, you should motivate and push your child to the best of their abilities. Make sure to constantly inform them on what college has to offer, and the overall big picture. Talk about colleges together, and stay informed.



Parents should be our number one supporters throughout high school and hopefully these five quick tips can help parents push their students to achieve the unthinkable.