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LGBT-friendly films are hard to find, but here’s some!


LGBT-friendly films are hard to find, but here’s some!

By Isaiah Gomez


With as much emphasis as there is now on visual art in our culture, it’s important that all people are fairly represented in media. Even though it is already 2016, LGBT+ representation in the media is somewhat scarce still. When it is shown, it’s almost always a stereotype.


Except for these titles.


The media, movie and TV are important spaces that have a high impact on young people and it’s important that LGBT+ aren’t excluded or misrepresented as they continue the fight for equal rights and opportunity. I know there are still quite a few titles I left out of this list, but these are just some that really caught my eye.


Films and show are not listed in any particular order.


“The Perks of Being a Wallflower”

“The Perks of Being a Wallflower” is an amazing movie adapting the New York Times bestseller. The film follows a freshman suffering from depression as he starts high school. Starting off with no friends, he catches the eyes of two seniors, one of which is Patrick, who is gay. The movie does a great job of focusing on Patrick’s relationship with his closeted football player boyfriend. The protagonist even goes as far as fighting Patrick’s boyfriend Brad after he completely blows Patrick off. The connection that Patrick has with his friends and the struggles he goes through make him a great representation for the gay community.


“Geography Club”

This movie is focused on the life of a closeted gay teen. But diversity exists plentifully. Our protagonist, after being caught kissing one of the school’s star football players, is asked to sit in on a geography club meeting. However, the geography club is just a front for an LGBT support group that keeps their existence secret from the school administration’s conservative views. Finding a place where he belongs, this movie makes you smile at least once as our protagonist struggles with being himself to pretending to be someone he’s not.


“The Way He Looks”

Another great LGBT find, this film shows a great form of how being gay in a different culture can be. The movie was made in Portugal, so you have to read the English subtitles in order to understand the film. The film takes an interesting stand on sexuality, with the protagonist not only being gay, but blind as well. Never having his first kiss before, he ends up falling for the new boy in his class. Testing friendship and being true to himself, this movie is very intriguing.


“Pretty Little Liars”

Not centrally LGBT-based, the show still has great LGBT representations from the beginning. Emily, one of the “pretty little liars,” struggles with being gay, as she falls for the new girl who moved into her old crush’s house. Emily’s relationships are always a breath of fresh air, and she has a great coming out story that I feel can help those who may be struggling with their own sexuality.


The infamous ‘A’ is a transgender woman. A plus!


“How to Get Away with Murder”

This show has not only a diverse cast, but an amazing use of LGBT representation. Connor, one of the show’s protagonists, is not going through any coming out sob story. No, he is out and proud, and very attractive. Going to law school, he shows his rainbow pride with great finesse and is definitely very far from a stereotype. His relationship with his boyfriend Oliver is so beautifully developed, it helps show that same-sex relationships are just the same as any other. And Connor isn’t the only gay character in the cast. Annalise Keating is a strong bisexual woman who is too fierce to not look up to. Exploring different concepts in the show, we even see great representation of those affected by HIV.


“Steven Universe”

Not as “mature” as the other shows on this list, it still deserves snaps for its amazing LGBT+ representation. A cartoon show with diverse characters, races, body types and genders is important for developing children. Aside from the amazing storyline, the show’s creator is the first female creator on Cartoon Network, and is a bisexual woman. Not only is this show amazing in every single way, it’s really important to kids to be socially aware of the LGBT+ community, especially to those who are struggling with their sexuality at a young age. Being represented in media is such a wonderful feeling, and it’s even better when kids can see themselves somewhere in the cast. Only promoting love and acceptance, this show deserves a spot on this list.


“American Horror Story”

While American Horror Story is terrifying, diverse, and very unique, it also deserves props for having LGBT representation every season. From the sassy and sexy dead gay couple in Season 1 and the journalist heroine Lana Winters in Season 2 to the sinister Stanley from Season 4 and the transgender heartbeat of the show, Liz Taylor in Season 5, AHS has a strong span of LGBT representation in every storyline the writers spin.





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