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Teacher of The Year


Returning the Gratitude – Teacher of The Year Award

By: Mia Drake


El Dorado’s very own faculty voiced their opinions outside of the classroom, and made a big turnout with the nominations for “Teacher of the Year”.


“Teacher of the year is actually chosen by teachers,” Cynthia Rentana, El Dorado’s current principal said. “This award means so much to teachers, and I feel as if because it’s chosen by their peers it runs deeper than a normal award.”


The ‘Teacher of The Year’ award was won by Candance Printz, El Dorado’s beloved Art teacher and creator of the desert cleanup project, also known as “It’s Your World”.


“I’m so overwhelmed,” Printz exclaimed. “I’m honestly trembling, and am filled with so much joy. To know that people appreciate me and all of my efforts makes me feel good.”


The award is given to teachers that do an outstanding job here in the classrooms, and to the community. Throughout many years, Printz has shown that there is so much more to teaching than telling students what to do. She has gone above and beyond to prove that a connection with a student can cause a spread of positivity and growth within an environment.


“Mrs. Printz has such a passion for her kids and teaching,” Rentana said. “By no way shape or form is teaching just a job to her, this is her lively hood. Her passion for not only the arts, but her love that began It’s Your World; and that goes to show she wants to impact and change this world, something I admire within teachers.”


After the announcement of winning the award, students and faculty gathered around Printz and showered her in gratitude.


“You guys are the best,” Printz exclaimed. “Coming from you guys it truly means a lot, from my hardworking peers to my bright students.”


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