College stuff: fraternities & sororities


Fraternities & Sororities: Are They Worthwhile?

By Ariana Arredondo



Every year college freshmen everywhere are faced with the question: Do I join a fraternity or sorority? Some are drawn to Greek life for social reasons, while others are attracted to the networking opportunities. No matter the reasons for your decision, it is important to be informed about both the advantages and disadvantages of fraternities and sororities.



First off, Greek life is often accompanied by traditions involving excessive alcohol consumption. Alcohol is commonly used in social settings as well as in hazing rituals. For those who don’t know, hazing is a combination of different tasks or punishments a new member must endure to stay in the fraternity or sorority.  While most of these rituals are not dangerous, mishaps still occur. According to, over the last 38 years, there has been at least one death annually because of hazing and 82 percent of these deaths are a result of binge drinking.



Fraternities or sororities can be very expensive and time-consuming. They can even increase college costs by 25 percent. And because of the mandatory meetings and events that are held, it is said that it feels as if you are taking another college course. Despite there being some cons about joining, fraternities and sororities offer a lot of networking opportunities as well as exposure to a group of people you may not have met otherwise.



According to, interviewers for jobs or internships can oftentimes relate to the applicant over common fraternity or sorority connections, which can lead to career opportunities. There are also many different people all from different backgrounds. This can broaden your worldview and allow you to have several outlooks on life. You can also better as a person as well as help other through the community service projects most fraternities/ sororities participate in.



Greek life will impact your life for better or for worst – make sure your intentions for joining are genuine and realistic. Whichever way you end up learning, remember to choose wisely. It is a crucial decision to make.