Senior Pep Rally


Senior Pep Rally

By Alexus Rios

Senior week is finally here for the Class of 2017. This week is full of fun festivities for

seniors, as they get ready to take their finals next week to wrap up the semester. Each

day leading up to Friday seniors are asked to dress up according to that specific day.



 Monday: seniorities day – so don’t sweat it, just wear sweat pants.



 Tuesday: kicking it back to the 90’s – dress like you are a blast from the past, in

your best 90’s get up.



 Wednesday: senior citizen – dress up like your grandma or grandpa.



 Thursday: show your school pride and wear your college attire, where you’re

attending or your favorite university.



 Friday: Seniors wear your cap and gown, and attend the pep rally dedicated to

the class of 2017.



All year seniors are anticipating their senior pep rally, as it’s a tradition every year for El




“All semester I’ve been looking forward to senior pep rally,” senior Maya Macias said.

“I’m so excited to wear my gown and take pictures and share this memory with all my




As the year comes to an end, upperclassmen are starting to notice time flies by super




“It’s sad to know that it’s our last high school pep rally,” senior Joshua Rey said. “But

exciting all at the same time; once I wear my cap and gown, it’ll hit me that I’m

graduating very soon.”