It’s Your World Art Museum


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Metamorphosis’ Opens at International Museum of Art

By Danielle Miller

The International Museum of Art, located in Montana, was alive with artists of every age and their recycled creations on Sunday as “Metamorphosis: Trash to Treasure” opened. Every piece of art in the two galleries was created with objects that had been discarded as trash in the Chihuahuan Desert, along with Montana Avenue.


The art exhibit is the culmination of a year-long project inspired by Chelsea Clinton’s “It’s Your World” book and directed by El Dorado art teacher Candice Printz. Starting with desert cleanups on Saturday mornings and ending with transformative art, students and professional were finally able to display their work for the public.



Media, parents, sponsors, non-profit partners, El Dorado teachers, administration and students from other high schools, middle schools and elementary schools gathered for the event.



“I was very interested in the project ever since it came up last year,” said senior Samuel Guzman, who attended the art exhibit. “I’ve been waiting to see what they’d come up with.”



Some of the pieces included portraits made out of aluminum cans, a wooden well made partly out of glass beer bottles, and a portrait made out of marbles.



“My piece was called ‘Marbled Women’ and it was supposed to represent how political and social movements ‘marbles’ people,” senior El Dorado artists Michelle Hernandez said.



Mariachi Azteca greeted the honored guest, Chelsea Clinton, on the steps of the museum. She visited the galleries and met with the artists for about an hour.



“I am modeling a piece by Diana Juarez,” said senior Ariana Contreras. “We were chosen to model the jewelry because we were also in the DECA Fashion Show. Ms. Printz asked our director to choose two models to help out today, and luckily we were picked.”



Awards were given to the best pieces in the show, broken down by elementary, middle, high school and professional. Alexa Pacheco Olguin won first place for “Saving Alexa.” Kayla Holguin won second place for “Halcyone.” Michelle Hernandez won third place for “Marble Movement.” “Ascension of Freedom,” by art teacher Virginia Castañeda, won the Framer’s Choice Award.



Much of the artwork on display was for sale, with half of the proceeds benefitting Make-A- Wish Foundation, Chihuahuan Desert Education Coalition and the Humane Society of El Paso and the other half going back to the artists. The exhibit also includes a video with a photo of the It’s Your World team and facts about recycling and what was discovered during the desert clean up phase.



“Metamorphosis: Trash to Treasure” will be on display until May 3.