MORP: Alternatives to Prom

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MORP: Alternatives to Prom

By Ashley Flores

Photos by Thomas Murga

As the year is ending, the talk of the season is attending prom. Girls are wondering what

to wear, and guys are deciding how they’ll make their dates feel special. The pressure to

make prom an unforgettable night weighs on seniors. After all, it is the last dance with

friends. However, maybe prom doesn’t have to be about where seniors spend their

night, but about whom they’ll spend May 6 with. For fans of “Glee,” “Morp” are any

events that serve as alternatives to prom night. Get it? Morp is prom spelled backward!

Here are some ideas of how students plan to celebrate Morp this Saturday.



For $25, seniors can go see the local punk rock band, At the Drive In, formerly known as

The Mars Volta, as they begin their tour in the city that helped them prosper.



“I would rather spend my money on going to listen to music that I will enjoy,” senior

Tiffany Velazquez said.



The concert will be at 7 p.m. at the El Paso County Coliseum. Meanwhile, the last day

the carnival parked at Cohen Stadium is May 7. The price of admission is $25 for a

bracelet that will get guests unlimited rides starting at 5 p.m. Western Playland is

another place to visit that night for $22.



“My friends and I wanted to do something different and have fun,” senior Mireya

Aguirre said. “We know for sure that we’ll be having fun.”



The night is a celebration of friendship, which could easily be enjoyed at the comfort of

your home with your friends.



“Dancing is not my thing,” senior Eli Gomez said. “It would be torture if I went to prom.”

So whether you are binging the new season of Sense8 with your dog, watching the

sunset as your feet dangle from the Sky Glide, eating pizza with friends or singing along

at a concert, the important thing is to have a memorable, your way.



“I would rather enjoy my night doing something that I like to do,” senior Luciana

Fernandez said. “Instead of going somewhere that people say is mandatory or an