Art seniors paint murals


Art seniors get selected to paint murals

By Kiahni Christmas

El Dorado’s 5 th Annual Senior Mural selection is here. Artist spends weeks preparing for

the murals, hoping they will be remembered by the work they leave behind.

“The students who want to paint a mural have to be a senior and they go through a

whole application process,” said art teacher Candice Printz.



Students have to write an essay explaining why they chose that design. For example, is it

a tribute to a famous artist, is it their own piece and what is the significance behind the

piece. Lastly they have to write a separate essay explaining why they should be chosen

to do the mural. This essay is not about the artwork but about the student themselves

and why they want to do the mural.



“We want to make sure that they have enough art experience to do this,” Printz said.

“That they are able to pull it off because doing art on a tiny piece of paper is very

different compared to a whole wall.”



Talking to some artists, art is their escape from the real world and where they are able

to just express themselves and show off the talent that they were born with. For

Brittany Canales getting picked and doing the senior mural is you leaving your mark and

stating that you were here.



“I was kind of nervous,” Canales said. “I knew that Mrs. (Cynthia) Retana was not going

to approve that many and for me to be selected I am very excited to do it. Ever since I

was a sophomore I wanted to be able to do one and now that I am a senior, I want to

leave my mark so that people can look at it and be like, ‘Oh what a cool piece.’”

The murals will be scattered all throughout D-hall, ranging from celebrity idols to

scenery settings.



“I want to do a scenery piece,” Canales said, “I feel like people always tend to draw

humans so I wanted to do something different. I want it to look like you go into the

piece. I want to do a stairway that transcended form nature to space, to state that we

are limitless and we can achieve whatever we want.”