Beauty for the Inner Soul


Beauty For the Inner Soul

Summer Closet Must-Haves

By Jesse Baird

Summer is approaching us, and very soon it’ll be time for another closet change. Summer trends are yet again approaching and these are some styles you can rock this season.


For my guys, it’s time to trade in those pants for shorts. “Chubbeis” have hit the wall, known for their cool, inventive styles and print patterns, they are perfect for the summer heat. Not only do they sell shorts, they also sell tops and swimwear. These shorts are a total go for upcoming season. So, get ready to brighten your summer with the colorful array of shorts.


Ladies, bralettes are the new and improved version of crop tops. They’re cute, and come in stylish patterns, and arrays of colors. Making this a popular trend for teenage girls, it’s the top of the “summer must-have” list. Another great trend is, some cute accessories to go with your bralettes. Ladies, chokers are such a popular trend hitting the Internet and upcoming fashion world; they’re a blast from the past, and are here to stay. Some other cute throwback trends are, fanny packs. Yes I know, these are old school but designers have started to bring them right back.


I hope that these tips on “summer must haves” help you make shopping for summer easier. Have fun and look cute while enjoying your vacation away from school.