Five Tips to Start the Year Right


Starter Guide 2017

Five tips to start the year right

By Isaiah Gomez


The start of the year rush is in full swing, and some might wonder where exactly to start. Whether it’s your first time walking the halls of El Dorado or you’re a returning upperclassmen ready for something new, here’s five tips and tricks in this guide to surviving the beginning of the year.


  1. Get to Know Your Teachers

Let’s be honest, your teachers know what they’re doing. Going through the year, you might find a subject you’re not exactly familiar with. Getting to know when your teachers are available for tutoring might just save your life.


  1. Always be Prepared

Constantly asking for paper and pencils can get repetitive and not exactly work out well with your fellow classmates. Feel good about yourself and get a binder, be organized and just feel like a better student by being prepared for the day.


  1. Routine

Procrastination is a true threat to all. Putting it off until the morning it’s due won’t always go well, especially when it’s a history presentation. Set up a routine to get yourself on track for the rest of the year. Think about purchasing an agenda or using many of the free apps on your phone to organized events and deadlines.


  1. Get Involved

Join clubs, get active and be aware of what’s going on in school. Don’t just let the year pass you by. Being more involved in what you’re passionate about will make school something you look forward to. Joining clubs in your field of interests will allow you to meet new people you can relate to as well as open doors to new experiences.


  1. Everyone is Going Through the Same Thing

Starting off, one of the biggest fears in high school is what other people think about you. But in reality, no one is judging you on how you look, sound or the way you presented your book report. Everyone is going through the same experience you are, so open up, be yourself and don’t worry. Four years pass by faster than you think, so remember to live in the moment.


Good luck this school year!