Off-campus lunch for kids with A+ attendance


Off-campus lunch for kids with A+ attendance

By Isabel Tomlinson

Aztec juniors and seniors may return to the boundless food options available at restaurants around campus next week – if they can make the cut.


According to Principal Cynthia Retana, students with “less than two absences, all grades above a 75, and no referrals,” will be able to take advantage of open lunch for one week. Students must also be juniors or seniors. No freshmen or sophomores will be permitted off campus. The opportunity it intended to reward students who consistently went to class, kept up their grades and stayed out of trouble during the first nine weeks.


The list of eligible students was posted this week in the lobby, and the list is indeed short, proving that the standards are high to receive the reward.


According to senior Xytlali Compean, member of the Principal Advisory Committee, only about 50 students were given the option to leave campus next week.


To some students, the requirements are necessary to keep students invested in school and on track.


“It allows those who actually care about school and work hard to be rewarded. I think it’s a privilege because there are stupid people who don’t know how to behave off campus,” said junior Eric Trinidad.


Trinidad is involved in several extracurricular activities, and looks forward to being rewarded for balancing school with those other obligations.


However, there are some arguments against the lunch compromise.


“Although the academic part is fair, I would take off all the requirements and open the lunch like last year. It really isn’t fair that they’re doing this to us,” said senior Isabella De Leon.


De Leon argued that some seniors feel like they have lost some freedoms that come with getting older, like going off campus for lunch.


Not only will the requirements affect the upperclassmen, it will also have an impact on the freshmen and sophomores.


“I already do well in school, but now I’m glad I have something to look forward to. I’m sure my friends will also be pushing to get off campus lunch next year,” said sophomore Luke Tomlinson.


He plans to exceed the requirements next year to ensure he receives the off-campus reward.


The one-week, off-campus lunch will be available every nine weeks period.