“Happy Death Day” Movie Review

“Happy Death Day” Movie Review

By Valerie Montanez

Christopher B. Landon just did it again. That’s right, the director of “Get Out”, “Split” and “Whiplash” just came out with a new movie “Happy Death Day”. Landon is recognized for directing well-known mystery/thriller films. His latest movie is all the hype, coming out on the legendary day of Friday the 13th. The film, which runs an hour and a half, brings together classic slasher movie themes, while also adding in some romance and comedy. Older movie-goers might recognize how the movie follows a similar pattern of reliving the same day, as found in the classic 1993 film “Groundhog Day,” only with a twist. 

The movie starts off with a selfish sorority girl by the name of Tree Gelbman, who is played by actress Jessica Rothe, as she wakes to her phone blasting the lyrics, “Go shorty, It’s your birthday…” She finds herself coming to in a young man’s bed and is completely baffled.

It becomes clear that her date, Carter Davis, played by actor Israel Broussard, didn’t actually take advantage of Tree in her drunken state, but rather watched over her as she slept of the party from the night before.

As she steps out of his room, humiliated, to complete her “walk of shame” back to the sorority house, she is met by several scenes. First, a college student wants her to sign a petition, then a girl looks at her strangely over some sunglasses and finally a car alarm goes off as sprinklers come on. All of this has Tree on edge as she finally arrives at her sorority house.

Tree is greeted by her roommate Lori, played by Ruby Modine, who presents her with a homemade birthday cupcake. The cupcake ominously is tossed to the floor. As the party goes on, there is a person with a baby mask on for their school mascot who is thought to scare her but brutally murders Tree. She awakes the same way she did at the start of the movie in the dorm room, and starts the day the same way, except now she must find out who is murdering her and how to stop the cycle.

If you’re looking for a good horror, yet comedic movie, “Happy Death Day” is definitely the perfect movie to see.