Things to do in October: Spooky Edition

by Iris Camarillo

Sure the sweet summer is filled with swimming, hot days and melting ice cream, but it has come to an end. However fall is way much rewarding. You’re probably thinking “ we live in El Paso , all there is is desert and nothing to do for fall” but you are wrong! There’s so many fun filled events you can do!


For example, we have corn mazes! The perfect way to go for a cute date with your boyfriend or girlfriend to pick pumpkins or even spend time with family, there’s many cute activities to do and it’s super fun, definitely something you shouldn’t miss out on. The corn maze is located in Las Cruces, NM 3855 W Picacho Ave, their hours are from 11AM-7PM on Saturday and Sunday . And once you find the perfect pumpkin, you get to carve it, you can get together with a bunch of your friends and carve pumpkins and then have a good laugh at how bad all of them look.


Get into the season by decorating your room with cute fall and spooky decorations, it will set the mood and make you feel cozy, without even having to go outside. You can also update and change your wardrobe, because getting new clothes is always fun and putting together fall outfits is what we all look forward to, it’s no secret.


Baking is something everyone loves to do, you can go to the store and buy those super cute and easy halloween pumpkin and ghost sugar cookies and make those,or even make a pecan or pumpkin pie from scratch, the possibilities are endless when you bake. You get to make sweets with the people you love most and they make amazing memories that are unforgettable.


All of these are El Paso traditions during the fall that are sure to get you in the halloween spirit and ready for the fall.