Art submissions for exhibit due Friday

Channel your Inner Picasso for “Trash to Treasure II” show
By Lynette Romero


The “It’s Your World Project” is a student-run organization that started almost two years ago when art teacher Candace Printz and her students noticed a problem in the city. Trash was being illegally discarded in the desert in mass quantities, ruining ecosystems and the natural beauty of the land. The dumped trash gave Printz and idea to gather that trash and recycle it as art. To gain more support, Printz submitted the idea to a contest created by Chelsea Clinton. She entered, won, hosted Clinton’s visit to El Dorado and put on the first exhibit, called “Metamorphosis,” at the El Paso International Art Museum last April.


“We said we were going to adopt a section of the highway, pick up the trash, wash it, sort it, and then use it for artwork,” Printz said.


The club has attended and hosted workshops all over the city to teach the community how to make art out of the trash they picked up. Their intention is to promote recycling, the arts and to inform people about their society.


“It’s all about initiative,” club senior President Emanuel Marquez said. “We clean our deserts and provide a safer, cleaner environment for everyone, then make art out of it.”


The earth and art-loving organization is now looking for submissions for their second annual exhibit, “Metamorphosis: Trash to Treasure II 2018” which will be held at the El Paso Museum of Art. Submission are being accepted until this Friday, March 2. The winners will receive cash value prizes. This contest is open to El Paso, Las Cruces and Juarez.


“Because we were so successful, the El Paso Museum of Art has picked up the show for part two,” Printz said. “We give out over $1,500 worth of prizes for the contest.”


If any materials are needed to complete your submission, Printz and her students are happy to help. On the It’s Your World website, under the competition tab, there is an option that says FREE Materials Available to help you choose what you need from their sorted supplies. Visit today for information.