What I Learned in Isolation

It isn’t that bad, after all


Photo by Denisse Carreon

Painting by Denisse Carreon

It’s crazy how at first I saw this virus as a small issue — like the flu.

Never did I think that we were going to be in quarantine for months. I see this quarantine as a sign from God to give Mother Nature some time to heal and I seemed to benefit from this because it also gave me some time to heal emotionally and physically. 

All of this is just mind blowing, to think that I’m living through a pandemic and yet I’m trying to de-stress myself by doing things I never did before. I began meditating, painting, changing my appearance, working out and cooking. 

The biggest plus side to all of this is that I began to educate myself and others on what’s going on in the United States right now. People need to be aware that there’s an issue here in the U.S, and that issue is that police are killing our Black brothers and sisters. 

Along with this, we’re denying immigrants access to a nation that was built by them. I’m also hoping that people are looking at the candidates for our next presidential elections during these times and I hope they make the right decision when voting. 

At first, when quarantine began I wasn’t thinking too much of it because I rarely go out. The first thing that came to mind was that my parents prepared me for this my whole life, since they don’t let me go out much. 

I feel like it would’ve been harder for me to isolate if I was someone who is used to going out. Like I said before though, I feel like being in isolation was the best thing to happen to me, because it gave me time to restore my aura. 

To everyone who is actually staying at home or wearing their mask in public, thank you for caring for your peers! Let’s hope that all of this is over soon so everything can go back to normal and I can get to enjoy my senior year.

Denisse Carreon (Photo by Denisse Carreon)