Dog’s Show Second Year a Success


EDHS Dog’s Show Second Year a Success

By Tiffany Velazquez

Now in its second year, Tuesday’s dog show proved to be an event full of furry friends and fun. Hosted by student council in the lobby of El Dorado High School, the dog show encourages students to come out and show off their best, four-legged friends. This year they had large variations of dogs and a great supporting crowd. There was even sweet-smelling homemade treats for the dogs created by the culinary students.

 This year’s contestants were so good; it was a tough choice for the judges. Junior Santana Hurley’s dog, Chef, won oldest dog and also best in show.

 “I was honestly shocked because there was so many cute dogs and mine (Chef) wasn’t cooperating with me,” Hurley said. “So when they had announced number three, which was me, I was surprised and so happy.”

 This show was more than just people walking their dogs in a circle. It was a fun time where not only the owners interacted but their dogs did too. Here’s a breakdown of this year’s winners in each category.

  • Smallest Dog: Pearl
  • Cutest Dog: Max
  • Ugliest Dog: Yuki
  • Fattest Dog: Taz
  • Oldest Dog: Chef
  • Best Groomed Dog: Barbie
  • Best Costume Dog: Miley
  • Best Trick Dog: Miley
  • Best in Show Dog: Chef

 The dog show sure seems like it’s going to stick around and become a tradition here at El Dorado. With all of the dogs that came out this year, it’s going to be hard to stay away from all of the cuteness next year.

 “Honestly, I thought this year was better than last year. I felt like we were more organized and we had really cute dogs,” said junior Mauricio Huerta, Student Council Historian.

 Daniel Perez contributed to the report.

Photos by Daniel Perez and Claudia Cardiel.