Robotics places 80th out of 500 in world competition

By Ashley Flores


This past weekend, the RoboAzTechs robotics team ranked 80th out of 500 in Offensive Power Rating at the Kentucky Robotics World Championship. Their first-place win for design at the VEX Nothing but Net competition earned them their ticket to the international affair.


“It was really crazy because it was our first time going to the world championships. We had never made it that far,” said junior Amanda Borgaro.


Finding a way to be different and meet the requirements to stand against worldwide teams was a big step for the RoboAzTechs. Their robot, P.E.K.K.A, is their prized possession. Beginning in September, hours upon hours of work went into preparing and tweaking P.E.K.K.A. Students would come every day afterschool, on weekends and during intercession.


“It is gratifying to know we have grown a lot since last year,” said junior Vice President Felipe Carlos. “Our mechanism has improved and gotten complex and I am proud.”


The next step for the robotics team is to start working on the robot for nect year’s competition. They want to grow their organization and make connections with the community, so they plan on hosting camps for kids to learn robotics over the summer.