SISD’s best invention yet: Tyler Portal


SISD’s best invention yet: Tyler Student/Parent Portal

By Claudia Juarez


Grades – the most dreadful part of a student’s academic life, especially when they’re not exactly where a student wants them. Whether a student is passing with flying colors or failing with an “F” stamped on their forehead, we rarely mention the fact to our parents, despite the reality that grades have a huge impact on our impending future.


However, Socorro Independent School District has formulated a plan that allows parents to access their child’s grades without asking a teacher or the child. Not only do administrators agree that the district’s newest invention has been a success, but so do teachers such as journalism teacher Vanessa Martinez.


“It’s a great investment,” Martinez said. “Thanks to Tyler Portal, parents no longer have to rely on their children to know their academic status and the program is extremely flexible.”


Tyler Portal is very flexible with it not only being accessed via computer, but also through an the SISD app, which is most commonly used among both students and parents.


Here’s some steps on how to use Tyler Portal:

First, a parent can begin by logging in and typing in the student’s given password. A parent can obtain your password through either the student or the front office.


Secondly, once a parent has logged in, there is a list of tabs that range from Assignments to Update Online Registration. To check a student’s progress, press the Class Progress section and the student’s classes are shown along with their grade for that specific course.


Voila! Not only do parents gain full access to a student’s grades, but they can also update online registration and see their child’s most recent absences and tardies. Tyler Portal also shows a student’s vaccinations history and standardized scores, that way parents can see if they have either passed or failed their EOC’s (End of Course exams).


To wrap it all up, Tyler Portal is an efficient and innovating invention that provides resources to both students and parents, fulfilling Socorro District’s mission to create communication amongst students, parents and their teachers.