“Don’t Breathe” Review


“Don’t Breathe” Review

By Thomas Murga

If you haven’t seen the film “Don’t Breathe,” but still want to, I advise you to not read this review.


“Don’t Breathe” is a decent movie, even though it gets weird and twisted. It has faults, especially toward the end, but the potential for it to be great is there. Long story short, it was good, but gross.


The movie starts off with three Detroit delinquents who rob houses for a living. There’s Rocky (Jane Levy), a girl just trying to make enough money to get herself and her little sister, Diddy, out of their abusive household and to sunny California. Then there’s Alex (Dylan Minnette), whose father owns the security company of the houses they rob and who may or may not have a thing for Rocky. And then there’s Money (Daniel Zovatto), the “thug” of the group and Rocky’s boyfriend, who advises Alex not to make any moves on her.


After receiving a tip about a disabled Army veteran living in an abandoned neighborhood who received upwards of $300,000 in a settlement after his daughter was killed by a wealthy young woman in a car accident, Money plants the idea of a heist with Rocky and Alex. Much to the dismay of Alex, Rocky agrees to do the job for her little sister, leaving Alex no choice but to go along. When they arrive to the house of The Blind Man (played by Stephen Lang of ‘Avatar’ fame), chaos begins to ensue when they realize that this army vet has more than a few tricks up his sleeve.


**Spoilers Begin Here**


While The Blind Man is definitely the gimmick of the movie; he works so well with the plot. Watching this movie for the first time, I was definitely rooting for The Blind Man to beat the robbers. That is, until we found out that in his basement, he’s hiding Cindy, the woman who killed his daughter. Oh, he also artificially inseminated her with his own sperm so that she “bears him a new child to replace the one she had killed.”


Yeah. Gross.


Overall, it was a great movie, and I believe that Director Fede Alvarez (who also worked on the “Evil Dead” reboots) captured the suspense perfectly, but in the end it slowly evolves into a movie that’s quite disturbing for the sake of trying to be as disgusting as possible. But, just like the series “Saw,” society feeds off of these movies.