3 Albums You NEED To Hear This Week


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Three Albums You Need To Hear This Week

By Thomas Murga

Lady Gaga’s “Joanne”


Lady Gaga may be well known for her eccentric style, out-of-the-box personality and electric musical choices – but Joanne leaves all of these assumptions behind.


On Joanne, we see a different side of Gaga, a side that is more open to personal discussions – whether they may be about her deceased aunt (whom the album is named after), who passed away at 19 years old, or one of her close friends, Sonja Dunham who is currently fighting Stage 4 cancer.


While there are many serious topics, the album still knows how to enjoy itself, with some upbeat party songs such as, “A-Yo”, “John Wayne”, and the karaoke-inspired “Hey Girl,” featuring stunning vocals from Florence Welch. While this album is a rollercoaster of emotions, it’s a ride you don’t want to miss.


Terror Jr.’s “Bop City”

Bop City is such a remarkable album packed to the brim with bangers and club songs. While this album may seem like pure white noise to some, this album stands on it’s own eight toes stronger than many other releases this year.


What is baffling about this album is, other than the group’s third release of “Trippin”, which didn’t make the album due to it being the least successful out of their first five releases, these are the only songs Terror Jr. have ever released. There are only nine songs in their entire catalog, and they have already seemed to find their own sound and run with it.


Ari Lennox’s “PHO”

If you don’t know Ari Lennox, I don’t blame you.

I didn’t know her until just recently myself, but I can proudly say that you’re going to want to keep your eyes on this singer. Lennox is an amazing upcoming artist, who recently signed to J. Cole’s record label, ‘Dreamville Records’.


While ‘PHO’ may be more of an EP than an album, the seven songs included float like velvet. Lennox’s voice is so smooth, with the way she carries her sass and seriousness in her tone. PHO is self-described as “modern, relaxed, with a turned-up soul.” It’s chill music, with trap vibes reminiscent of the beautiful music from the 1970s.


Definitely a must-listen-to album.

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