DIY Frame Your Life


Frame Your Life

By Jesse Baird



DIY picture frames are a fun and easy project that can help accentuate your precious memories and photos. This is a must have in every teen’s room. Senior Mia Drake creates her own DIY picture frames.


“I’ve always been inspired by the idea of making items to express my creativity. I just love making items and learning how to make things,” Drake said.


This can definitely be made into a friend-bonding project. Help each other save and cherish the memories that you’ve shared over the past few years, especially as senior year winds down. This can also be a great way to share some one-on-one time with loved ones.


“In my opinion, ‘D.I.Y-ING’ is an amazing way to express yourself,” Drake said. “You get to add a unique twist on your everyday items and it’s so cool to me.”


Whether you’re D.I.Y-ING by yourself or with a friend, these picture frames can be a great way to put yourself into a project. So, Aztecs, let’s get to it and start framing our lives.