Aztec IB student wins trip to London


Aztec IB student wins trip to London

By Alexander Thompson




From the Sun City to the United Kingdom, most Aztecs don’t have the opportunity to venture out of the desert, cross the Atlantic and land in Europe. Junior Lauren Lopez has won the trip of a lifetime to her dream destination, all because she applied to a prestigious scholarship offered only to IB students. Lopez will attend the IB World Student Conference, which will address various topics, such as health issues.



Lopez is the only student from El Paso to receive the Texas IB Schools Scholarship this year and the very first El Dorado student to win the funds.



“It is a dream come true. Since I was very young, I’ve always wanted to visit London and travel to Europe,” Lopez said. “To have this experience is so surreal, and to be able to discuss something as important as health is surreal since it is something I’m passionate about.”



From the moment she started to write her essay and submit her application, El Dorado High School’s IB coordinator Aileen Mares knew of the potential that Lopez brought to the program.



“Lauren was a student who put in the application right away,” Mares said. “She came in for help, so I helped edit her essay.”



Lopez aspires to use this conference to make our community more aware of the surrounding health problems.



“It’ll be promoting health in the borderland, keeping students active, and teaching parents the best ways to fight against diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol,” Lopez said. “The best way to combat heath issues is to get out and be active.”



Lopez will attend the summer going into her senior year to attend the world convention. Hopefully this journey will drive her ambitions forward to better the world around her.