Sliding to new bases


Sliding to new bases

By Angel Pedroza, Sports Editor


Aztec senior outfielder Idalis Mendez is officially a UTEP Miner softball player after signing with the school publicly on Tuesday in the theater.


Being a prime example of a student athlete, Mendez takes on the task with future study in Civil Engineering as she gets a full ride scholarship for playing the game she knows best and loves. Ranking 33 in her class with a 98.73 GPA, she exemplifies her future success in not only sports, but her career.


“It took lots of sacrifice and dedication on all our family’s behalf when it came to long drives and the things she needs to help (her succeed in the game), but it was all worth it if this was the outcome of it all,” said Nancy Mendez, Idalis’ mother. “She had many options, but she feels this is the school for her and I fully support her decision.”


Mendez first developed her passion for softball when she started playing with the El Paso Firecrackers at a young age. With many years on the field, Mendez found herself playing El Dorado softball and earned titles like Newcomer Of The Year award and district MVP her junior year.


“I love the city of El Paso and where I come from and that is why I chose to stay close and go to UTEP,” Mendez said. “All my coaches helped me give my all and get the best out of me, on and off the field. I’m glad I get to further my game and to see what it brings me.”


With the outstanding outfielder leaving the empire, she sents a standard for future softball stars. In honor of the soon-to-graduate Aztec, softball coaching staff honored a past request of Idalis. They announced that all varsity and future varsity players will receive stirrups to reward them of their hard work. The coaching staff wanted the name “Idalis Mendez” to be remembered and used as motivation for future stars.