Scares of ‘Ouija’ satisfy but feel rushed


 By Sarah Lawrence
Aztec Gold Online

Director Stiles White, who is known for his work in “The Sixth Sense” and “Interview with the Vampire” has brought us a new Halloween horror movie. “Ouija” is based on the classic spirit or talking board and involves a group of friends played by Olivia Cook, Ana Coto, Daren Kagasoff, Bianca Sontos, Douglas Smith and Shelly Henning. These six people are trying to solve their friend Debbie’s (played by Sierra Heuermann) mysterious death, but instead find something else that puts them all in danger. In the process of their hunt for Debbie’s killer, they awaken a dangerous and very creepy power from the spirit board.

In the beginning, White takes time building “Ouija’s” story line and giving background information. I thought some of the setup for the movie was unnecessary and all the time spent doing that then force the movie to speed toward the ending climax and falling action

The movie overall was very scattered with lots of random characters thrown into to the mix. White doesn’t do a great job of unfolding the important characters’ personality and many events fly by fast without much explanation. “Ouija” does have few jumpy, pop-out scenes that would scare almost anyone, but not much of a story line.

Still, this was a fun film to see and it is only rated PG-13, so I would give it three out of five stars. If you’re looking for a scary movie to watch on Halloween night at the movies, this will do the trick.