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RoboAzTechs on a RoboRoll



Story by Ariana Contreras


The El Dorado Robotics team competed in two separate competitions this past Saturday and dominated at the VEX Nothing But Net competition in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The RoboAzTechs competed in two separate teams at the VEX competition and all together received the Excellence Award, which is awarded to the overall best team. With the success of this competition, the robotics team has given us yet another reason to call them, “The Best in West Texas.”


“We didn’t know what to expect because we had never gone to Las Cruces, and so it was pretty much mixed feelings. I guess you could say we didn’t know if the competition would be better than here or worse,” said Vice President Felipe Carlos.


The Robotics team owes a lot of their success to their hard working teacher and sponsor Gerardo Sanchez. Sanchez takes a different approach than most robotic teachers. While a lot of teachers take leadership and build the robot for the students and just allow the students learn to drive it, he allows the students to do everything for themselves. He makes sure the students learn from each other through their mistakes and accomplishments.


“I guide them on what to do, but they have to do the work. When we compete I don’t help them with anything because I think that’s their time to fail or succeed,” Sanchez said.


The robotics team is surely making a name for themselves with all of the success they’ve had in the past few years. It wouldn’t be a surprise if robotics becomes as big a point of school pride as Aztec athletics.


Go out and support the Aztecs and see what robotics is really all about. The RoboAzTechs have another competition, FTC, on January 30 at UTEP and they plan on being as successful as they were this past Saturday.

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