David Caldwell Named Teacher Of The Year


Tears of Happiness

By Mia Drake and Ariana Contreras / Photos by Jessica Pedroza
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Big congratulations to teacher and computer expert David Caldwell on winning El Dorado’s Teacher of the Year award. Caldwell has taught computer maintenance, technology and computer technician classes at El Dorado for 14 years. His love for teaching has created a pathway of opportunities for many of his students.


“You have to make teaching exciting. You have to win the student for them to believe what you’re saying,” Caldwell said. “If they have faith in what you’re doing, then teaching becomes easier.”


Caldwell’s teaching philosophy and ability to relate to students are not the only reasons that he was chosen for this prestigious annual award. He also runs a nationally recognized organization called, “F.O.G.” – an elite computer club that many students participate in.

Caldwell goes the extra mile and takes his skills into the community. Another one of the many service programs he runs is called “W.I.L.L.S.,” which picks up and repairs computers for disabled community members.


A familiar face on campus, Caldwell is well-known among the students and faculty here. One of students, junior America Lara, acknowledged how Caldwell has been an important role model in her life.


“He’s always there to help you out with whatever you need,” Lara said. “Everything he does, he does it for the students.”


Cheerleaders, the mariachi team, administrators and students greeted Caldwell in a surprise celebration that was brought right to his classroom door Friday morning after announcements. Overwhelmed by emotion and happiness, Caldwell even shed a few tears when he found out that he had won Teacher of the Year.


Best of luck to David Caldwell as he moves on to the next level of competition for SISD Teacher of the Year[espro-slider id=6164]