Prepare for testing with simple steps


These next two weeks are exam week, Aztecs, and you know what that means – late-night studying, sitting in the same desk for six hours and trying to remember everything you’ve learned in the past year.


Testing jitters are normal but you shouldn’t let them get the best of you. If you’re looking for ways to prepare for your AP, IB or EOC exam, Aztec Gold Online is here to help.


First, clear your mind. Don’t sweat the small stuff and remember that it’s just a test. Write about the test and how you’re feeling about it. Transfer those anxious thoughts from your mind to paper to help clear your mind.


Second, study! Don’t wait until the night before to open up your textbook. It may be easier said than done, but if you wait, you might just regret it. Review your material before bed and you’ll remember everything better.


Next, sleep. A good night’s sleep has been linked to higher test scores. Don’t wake up earlier than you usually do, because it can interfere with your memory.


Be sure to eat. Eating the right breakfast will fuel your brain and keep you awake. Oatmeal is the key to success. In many studies, eating high-carb; high-fiber, slow-digesting foods are the best thing you can eat before any exam.


Remember Aztecs, now is your time to show off all that you know. Test to your best ability, and use some of these tips to help you score high. Good luck on all of your tests.