Eat Through the Day the Right Way

Eat Through the Day the Right Way

By Andrea Silva


We’re all victims of making the wrong eating choices throughout the school day. Whether it’s the hot cheeto puffs you get from the vending machine or the chip plugs you buy from everyday, here are some tips and tricks on how you can satisfy your hunger and complete your day.


Eat breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Although sometimes there isn’t time to make anything to eat when you’re rushing to get to school in the morning, before you go all morning without eating, try to grab some fruit or yogurt to help boost your energy. Starting your day off with a healthy breakfast in your system will keep you focused and ready to take on the day.


Pack your lunch

Let’s face it, many of us would rather not eat at all than to wait in long lines for food that isn’t always so appetizing. This can lead to not eating the rest of the day until school is over. Packing your own healthy lunch gives you the nutrients you need throughout the day rather than starving for hours. Packing lunch also gives you the benefit of knowing all the ingredients you’re consuming.


Eat food you enjoy

No one wants to eat food they’re disgusted by. Eating food you don’t enjoy decreases your appetite, stopping you from eating as much as you need. Just because you’re not eating or you’re eating less, doesn’t make you healthy. Eat healthy foods you enjoy that’ll keep you satisfied until you get hungry again.


Snack healthy

By fourth period we can already hear our stomachs growling with hunger. A healthy snack between meals can decrease hunger and can keep you from over eating in your next meal. Nuts, pretzels and fruit can be way healthier than buying chips from your chip plug everyday. Healthy snacks provide energy when you start feeling exhausted at school.


Get a good night’s rest

Eating health is just as important as getting sound and deep sleep every night. Eating healthy keeps your body feeling good and helps you fall asleep faster. Getting the amount of sleep needed and eating right can keep your body working with energy, so being sleepy at school can be one less problem you face.