Beauty For the Inner Soul

MAC-Eyeshadow-in-Chrome-YellowBeauty For the Inner Soul

Creating a Sunset Eye

By Jesse Baird


For all my ladies (and gentleman) out there that want the perfect sunset eye, I have broken down the steps to getting that perfect summer look. In today’s society, sunset eyes have hit social media like wild fire. For starters, I use my Morphe 35O palette and this Mac yellow eyeshadow, but if you don’t have this palette, no worries, just use a palette that has similar shades to it.


  1. First, start with a base color. I like to tap into two shades, which are labeled 1 and 8 on the Morphe 35O.
  2. Then, we are going to take this soft orange shade, labeled 12 and pop that in our crease with side-to-side motions.
  3. The next shade we use will be the burnt orange shade and place that right on top the soft orange shade and use buffing motions. Burnt orange is labeled 14.
  4. Now, use the bright orange shade for the outer “V” of the eye. This shade is labeled 7.
  5. Lastly, add any yellow shade, place that on the lid and blend out the edges.


Don’t forget to blend out all of your edges and feel free to add your own flair to this eye look. Always remember, live for your eyeliner, breath your lipstick and kill for each color.