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Know the Aztecs: Vanessa Gonzalez, 10

By Briony Alvarez


Not very many people have the courage to join the IB program at El Dorado High School. Some feel that if they’ve already joined an extracurricular activity, that it would be too much of a burden to handle the demanding coursework and community service required in IB programs. Others, however, thrive on taking risks. This is the case for sophomore Vanessa Gonzalez.


Hard work and dedication is all she thinks about every day of her life. The intense academic curriculum she takes on, plus the skills and techniques she has achieved as a soccer player makes her a rare kind of high school student. Along with being a student athlete, Gonzalez is also on a club team. Balancing her obligations sometimes means that she has to make other sacrifices.


“I can say I manage being on varsity soccer, club soccer and IB by not stressing about all my workload,” Gonzalez said. “Although most of the work is time consuming, I’ve learned to manage so I am able to do both soccer and IB.”


Gonzalez, 16, has played soccer since she was 7 years old and has already set goals for her future. Gonzalez says she plans on receiving scholarships for both academics and sports.


“I currently have an offer from a school right now,” she said.


She doesn’t know exactly what school she plans on attending yet, but she has a few in mind already, including UTPB, OLLU, Houston Tillotson, or Sul Ross.


Even though Gonzalez might be only 5 feet tall, and weighs under 100 pounds, she has a reputation for being one of the best left-footed forwards out there and she’s looking forward to the soccer season.


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