School Becomes Elite AVID Demo Site


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By Lorenzino Estrada and Ariana Contreras

Photos by Lorenzino Estrada



There were 30 AVID Demonstration schools in the state of Texas as of Monday, Feb. 22. On Tuesday, Feb. 23, AVID at El Dorado became the 31st. The program, critically observed by the experts, showcased college readiness by implementing the best practices to prepare students for post-secondary education. It was an emotional rollercoaster for all the AVID coordinators who invested so much time and effort to be nationally recognized.


“All we could do was cry when they announced us as a National Demonstration Site,” AVID coordinator Tanya Gallegos said. “The AVID Co-coordinators and I were very emotional as it has been a challenging and beautiful journey.”


The day started early with a surprise from many AVID students as they performed a choreographed dance to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk.” The expressions on the face of the Site Team said it all. It was a good way to start to the day.


“I was very excited to do the flash mob,” junior Ariadna Gonzalez said. “It was something different. It would make us stand out.”


Throughout the day, the AVID Site Team walked into multiple classes in search of AVID strategies in use.


“I was really nervous that during the wait they would come and stop by one of my classes,” junior Alondra Lozano said. “I didn’t want to do anything that could jeopardize the whole thing.”


Halfway through 8th period, AVID students were called to the gym to finally hear the long awaited news. Finally, it was announced that El Dorado would be known as a National Demonstration Site. The AVID students exploded with enthusiasm, knowing that all the hard work paid off.


“We were running on all cylinders prior to the visit,” junior Lorenzino Estrada said. “It’s amazing to see that we are nationally recognized. We are the example.”


Only two percent of the 55,000 AVID schools in the nation are certified to be a demo site. Now El Dorado joins those ranks and is the only high school in the region certified for three years as an AVID Demonstration school. After their term is done they will apply for reinstatement.