Clinton receives warm welcome by students, teachers


Chelsea at EDHS

By Ariana Contreras and Mia Drake


Author and activist Chelsea Clinton visited El Dorado today to personally congratulate and speak to students about a community project proposal submitted to a national contest inspired by her book.


After finding a flier for a community art contest, teacher Candice Printz entered the competition held by Barnes & Noble in effort to get students and youth motivated to help the Chihuahuan Desert. Inspired by Clinton’s book, “It’s Your World: Get Informed, Get Inspired & Get Going!,” Printz’s proposal was to clean up our local desert, create art with the trash that was picked up, and exhibit the best pieces to the community.


“It’s pretty crazy, but really exciting at the same time,” said junior Brittany Canales, who was one of the presenters to Clinton in the gym. “I’m a little bit nervous but I still feel like it’s not going to hit me that she was actually here until she leaves.”


Special guests including community sponsors, local artists and SISD board members were present for the visit.


“It’s a huge honor for Socorro ISD,” said superintendent Dr. Jose Espinoza. “Especially El Dorado because it shows what the students working together alongside our amazing teachers can really do.”


Multiple news outlets attended this event, such as the El Paso Times, KVIA, and KFOX.


“It’s so astonishing to see all the newscasters and media here at El Dorado,” said assistant principal Derrick Brown.


After meeting with faculty and staff in the small gym, Clinton made her way to the auditorium. Welcomed by our very own Mariachi Azteca, Clinton found her seat in the audience to first listen to a presentation set up by the students about the art project and then answer questions.

Junior Victoria Duque was able to identify with Chelsea Clinton with a question about gender equality. Cheers came from the crowd when Clinton was asked if she was a feminist and replied with “absolutely.”

“I think its so important to stand up for the definition (of feminism) and even more to stand up for the belief and equal opportunities,” Clinton said.


Leaving the auditorium, people stared in awe as Clinton made her way to the big gym. Having her here to share her ideas and the personal stories that influenced her book, was not only an honor but also a privilege. Addressing the underclassmen, Clinton shared some wisdom.


“I wrote ‘It’s Your World’ to talk about some of the biggest issues that face our world, and how it falls on children all over the world,” Clinton said.


According to Printz, this isn’t the last time that we will see Clinton and she is expected to return as the project progresses. With sponsors like TFCU, The Hospitals of Providence and Holy Trinity Retreat Center and non-profit groups like Humane Society of El Paso and The Make-A-Wish Foundation dedicated to help see the project to the end, Printz realized that the community is here to support her and the students.


“I was so stressed when this started, because I felt like I had to make this whole thing happen and then at that moment I realized this project isn’t supposed to be me doing it by myself it’s supposed to be in the spirit of us doing it together,” Printz said.


Principal Cynthia Retana introduced Clinton in the theater and gym presentation and encouraged students to read the book that Clinton wrote.


“The message of her book is so wonderful, it’s for young people to find a passion and do something in your world to get inspired and that the message I want everyone to hear today.”


At the end of the day, after Clinton was whisked away to another event and all the press had gone home, Printz was surrounded by the students who will work with her next to year to make the project a reality.


“I really meant it when I said you guys can make a difference,” Printz said as she choked up with tears. She didn’t get to finish much more of her statement because she was overwhelmed with hugs by her students.


Photos by Daniel Nuñez, Claudia Cardiel and Danielle Miller

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