Dog Show


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Nothing but Paws

Four-legged friends wow at Dog Show

By Kiahni Christmas


From tiny black Chihuahuas to a husky English Bulldog and an charming Golden Retriever, dog breeds of all shapes and sizes were present at the third annual Dog Show, hosted by Student Council. The judges, which included AVID teacher Sarah Chacon and Assistant Principal Lorena Sandoval, had the hard task of naming the winners of each category.


And the winners are…

  • Chubbiest: Ranger
  • Most Unique: Coco
  • Cutest name: Albus Percival Dumbledore Martinez
  • Skinniest: Cookie
  • Shortest: Pockie
  • Cutest: Marley
  • Best Costume: Mia and Charlie
  • Most Talented: Sabino


And, the overall sweepstakes winner was, “Tinkie”, the Chihuahua. She will receive her very own float at the Homecoming Parade, while the other pups received a personalized trophy full of doggie treats.


**Extended captions for Dog Show photos

  1. Yum, Yum: Assistant Principal Lorena Sandoval gets some love from her own puppy at the judging table.
  2. Overall Winner: Tinkie, the Chihuahua, receives the sweepstakes award with her owner Cameron Hauck. She will have her own float at the Homecoming Parade.
  3. Dog Treats Are Calling His Name: Senior Daniela Trevino holds her Chihuahua close as she gets ready to go on stage.
  4. Belly Rubs Please: A sweet puppy gets a relaxing rub down before he goes on stage.
  5. All Smiles: Journalism Teacher Vanessa Martinez excitedly accepts the award for cutest name with her Dachshund Albus Percival Dumbledore Martinez.