Know The Aztecs: Tyquez Hampton


Tyquez Hampton

Know The Aztecs:

Tyquez Hampton

By Erik Antwan Bustillos
(Photo by Alex Thompson)

Senior Tyquez Hampton, a native of Florida, is a Division 1 college football prospect and taking the necessary steps to become a stand-out wide receiver at the collegiate level. Aztec Gold news site sat down with Hampton to learn more about the athlete, who completed 562 total receiving yards last season.
Aztec Gold: Where were you born? Where have you lived?
Tyquez Hampton: I was born in Florida and have lived there and in Georgia, then Texas.
AG: You are scheduled to have two official visits to Washington State and West Virginia; do you favor these schools for how heavily they pass the ball?
TH: I like both of them. Currently, I am committed to Washington State but, I am considering West Virginia if I need to flip it (commitment to West Virginia), I will.
AG: Two wide receivers that come to mind who have been produced by both head coaches of the prospective programs (Mike Leach, Dana Holgorsen) are Michael Crabtree and Tavon Austin. Both are currently in the NFL. Do you draw any inspiration or comparisons to these successful receivers?
TH: I don’t really draw comparisons of myself to them but would want to follow the same path. I do relate more to Calvin Johnson (Detroit Lions), who is a taller, bigger receiver like me.
AG: The schools you are considering to play ball at often “green-shirt” a recruit of your caliber. Will you take this step and become a “green-shirt” student-athlete? “Green shirting” is when an athlete forgoes their spring semester of their senior year, graduates early and directly enrolls in the school of their choice to begin training with the team.
TH: I am choosing to graduate this semester. I want to go ahead and enroll to college and start my degree.
AG: What are the challenges you face with deciding to “green shirt” and play a high level of football?
TH: It’s the same as normal school. I am just taking online classes.
AG: How do you feel about the head coach change from James Althoff to Ruben Torres this season?
TH: I mean, they’re somewhat similar. They’re both great coaches, with a great passing scheme, great running scheme, not just a one-pass offense, but also a run offense. Both mix it up, I really like that about them.