Don’t Miss This ‘Peculiar’ Read Coming Soon to Theaters

missperegrine_334x518Don’t Miss This ‘Peculiar’ Read Coming Soon to Theaters

By Isaiah Gomez

4.8/5 Stars


A novel with mystery and horror, as well as a sprinkle of supernatural elements, “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” is an amazing read. If you wish to escape into a world far more interesting than your own, I urge you to give this book a look. The words are so brilliantly written that you can glide along each sentence with ease. The words illustrate the images this book can conjure, and the photographs, which are a crucial part of the story, add a chilling addition to the novel’s charm. I personally read this book in a heartbeat. Being such an easy read, I encourage anyone to look at it; and check it out in theaters Sept. 30. It’s a “peculiar” read you won’t want to miss.


Here’s a synopsis of the story:

Raised by his overly-conformed parents, Jacob Portman has never been pleased with the way his life played out. Completely wealthy and displeased with his privilege, an ordinary life was nothing he aspired to. At his father’s workplace, his family right always prevented him from getting fired, something he aspired to do since the beginning. A phone call from his grandfather was the ending of the before and the beginning of the now. He was baffling, speaking mad. The monster that haunted Jacob’s dreams as a child was hunting his grandpa yet again.


Grandpa Abraham Portman was never right in the head. As a survivor and veteran of the holocaust, he was always a little less sane everyday. A phone call asking Jacob where the key to his gun case was didn’t come as a surprise; his condition was worsening. As a child, his grandfather had told him stories about his time as an orphan at a home for children with strange gifts. The orphanage was a safe haven. However, Jacob has long stopped believing in those tales, and as he goes to check if his grandfather is okay, something horrific awaits.


He finds that his grandfather is missing and instead there is a blood trail leading out into the woods. Venturing into the forest, he sees a monster. This discovery sparks a pivotal moment in the story, as it is the reason for everything that occurs soon after. And Jacob makes a remarkable discovery, the peculiar bedtime stories he was told as a child might be real.