Aztecs take Four district honors at Zombie Fest


Aztecs take four district honors at Zombie Fest

By Ariana Contreras

Photo By Danielle Miller


It was nothing but horrific amusement at Zombie Fest, which took place on Tuesday as the sun was setting at the SAC. Out of six schools vying for multiple district awards, our very own audio video students won four of the distinctions for their chilling, yet thought-provoking zombie film.


“We totally went off script,” said senior Gavin Torres. “We had to go off of it and it came out to be a huge success.”


El Dorado won awards for best makeup, best actor, best editing and best director. But the road to all of that success wasn’t easy, from working around busy schedules, and taking Ubers to shooting locations, to learning last-minute zombie makeup, the Aztecs became a student-operated movie production team.


“It was kind of hectic at first,” said senior Julian Leyva, who is the leading role in “Infirmity, ” the title of their short film. “Trying to get everyone together and everything, but it was really fun because it was all of our friends so it wasn’t awkward or weird or anything.”


Though media tech received outstanding critiques from the professional guest judges, they ended up falling short of the overall prize to Pebble Hills High School. Last-minute technical difficulties caused the team to turn in the film past deadline, which meant they received a deep point deduction.


“I’m obviously disappointed we didn’t win but Pebble Hills did a good job, so props to them,” Leyva said.


It didn’t matter to the student body at El Dorado if the film came in first or not; they were there to show their support for the film all over social media.


“If you haven’t already, go check out our zombie film. They worked really hard on it and it’s really good. Trust, like this should be in theaters,” said senior Keysean Watson.


If you have yet to see the film, follow the link below to check out “Infirmity.”