Students show off talents at Fall Festival


EDHS Fall Festival 15

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By Xytlali Compean / Photos by Claudia Cardiel, Niki Garcia and Daniel Nunez


Cooler weather, football and pumpkin spice lattes are back. For most, it just simply means fall and school are in full swing. However for the Aztecs, fall is also a reminder that the school’s annual festival is near.


Booths set up in the band parking lot could be seen by those driving by last Friday as many school organizations joined in the fun. The stands provided food, games and loads of fun. Some of the booths featured face painting, win the soda, cakewalk, funnel cakes, nachos and hot dogs. For the younger crowd, a jumping balloon and slide were provided.


But the booth that was getting the most attention seemed to be the varsity choir karaoke booth. Watching others unfold their hidden talents was the biggest amusement of the night. Their most common performer though was one of their very own, senior Juan Isiah Rodriguez.


“Bringing in the crowd felt amazing,” Rodriguez said. “Just knowing they were coming in to hear my voice was incredible.”


Rodriguez took the attention from most with his unique and poetic form of rapping.

After weeks of preparation and anticipation for the event, it had arrived and was a complete success. The El Dorado High Fall Festival is an annual event that is here to stay.