Steven Universe Review


TV Show Review:

Steven Universereaches children with positive message

By Isaiah Gomez


Overall Rating: 5/5


Show Synopsis


“Steven Universe,” aired on Cartoon Network, is a show that challenges us to think about what it means to be human on a level that is appropriate for children. Created by Rebecca Sugar, the first woman creator of a show on Cartoon Network, the story follows a young boy named Steven and the Crystal Gems, which are magical, alien gemstones that manipulate light to appear as if they have a physical form, so they can explore the world.


Before Steven was born, his mother Rose Quartz had to give up her physical form to make Steven, and because of this they both could not exist. She sacrificed herself so that he could live, and a part of her, her gemstone, now stays with him as he grows up.


We follow Steven as he discovers more about himself, and the gems – Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl within their mysterious homeland, a planet where gems live. Soon, Steven realizes that being a Crystal Gem is far more dangerous than he anticipated, and soon more gems are after him – primarily because of his mother. These homeland gems threaten the Earth, as Steven learns that a war took place thousands of years ago, and his mother was the leader of that rebellion. Rose left far more secrets behind, and Steven must fight to uphold his mother’s legacy and keep Earth safe.




The show itself is amazing.


The animation dazzles with nostalgia and soft colors that burst with warm feeling. The characters featured in the show are incredibly diverse. Different races and body types are represented wonderfully along the faces of the people in the show.


The story is rich and well managed, and each plot point is pieced together in a way that paints this image clearly. You feel for every character, and you find that there is no one in this show that you really hate (except Marty). Steven’s mother, Rose Quartz, looms over the show like a ghost and has such a complex personality that is shown over the course of events in the show. Along with this, the show is LGBT+ friendly. Love is shown in such a smooth atmosphere, and is valued between each of the characters. All of the protagonists have their own flaws – as no one is perfect, and they learn that to solve these issues they need each other.


Also, the best part about it, the show was made for kids. The music, the visuals, the story – all of it is tied in so that a child could understand it. Best of all, fans of the show feel important and valuable – that their life is precious – when watching Steven in this foreign, but inviting universe.