Senior College Calendar


Senior College Calendar

By Kiahni Christmas


The college preparation that takes place during your child’s senior year is jam-packed and filled with lots of details. With applications due and deadlines at every turn, students need guidance in the process.


The next four months are the most important to preparing for college. Here’s a calendar of major steps every senior needs to take to make the process of college application and admission go smoothly.




(We know it has passed, so if you haven’t done these things, make up for lost time quickly!)


– Begin college admission applications on (for all schools in Texas) or the common application website (for any university in other states)


– Create a student resume. Your student will need this when he/she requests recommendation letters, college programs and jobs.


– Start writing and editing admission essays.





– Register for the SAT/ACT early! That way, if you don’t like the first score you get, you can take the test again.


– Request all letters of recommendation from teachers, staff, and/or administration (minimum of three)


– Create a FSA ID ( for you and your student.




– Complete and submit the FAFSA at


– Attend FAFSA Night on Oct. 25, 2016, for all the insight on financial aid from 4:30-7 p.m.




– Attend the college fair Nov. 1, to get a more in depth idea of the schools your student can attend.


– Send out all official transcripts. (Request from Business Office here at El Dorado, $2.00 per transcript)