Center offers Rhinos Hockey, Ice Skating


Center offers Rhinos Hockey, Ice Skating

By Ariana Arredondo


“The Home of the Rhinos,” the El Paso County Events Center is the place to be this winter season (or any season for that matter). For students who want to celebrate the winter season, despite the warm temperatures, public skating is still available at the center. With rental skates available from a toddler size 7 to adult size 15, anyone can come and practice their skills on the ice.


“Whether you want to become a better hockey player, figure skater, or just a casual ice skater, we have a program for you,” according to a statement on the center’s website.


If you want a chance to get in on the action, every Sunday and Tuesday power skating and hockey skills classes are offered for $15 (or $20 if you sign up for both).


Other than skating opportunities, hockey games are hosted every weekend at the stadium. Tickets range anywhere from $5 general admission to $30 for balcony seats.


“The rink is definitely a place to get to know people from all across the city, and also a great bonding experience for families and friends,” said stadium intern Rose Black said. “From public skating, to the hockey games, there’s entertainment for everyone.”


Don’t miss your chance to catch an amazing game or skate with friends at the El Paso County Events Center.


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