American Horror Story Season 6 Mystifies


American Horror Story Season 6 Mystifies                                       

By Isaiah Gomez


For the sixth season of this extremely popular and frightful TV series, the creators of “American Horror Story” are keeping their dedicated audience guessing about the theme of this year’s storyline. The trailers and teasers that have been released so far take viewers down several different paths. Here are my reviews on each trailer, which is all that us AHS fanatics have to go off of right now.


Descent: 4/5 Stars

One of the earliest trailers is titled “Descent.” The clip showcases a woman running for her life down a grim, rusty staircase. Hands that are colored grey and look like they are decomposing reach to grab at her feet. It ends with a hand actually catching her, and a sharp scream escapes her lips as the teaser ends. It’s a little tacky, but interesting none the less. Could this hint at an apocalypse or zombie theme?


Lullaby: 5/5 Stars

This next trailer is extremely intriguing. A veiled baby crib is revealed as a chilling lullaby hums through the air. As we get closer, the hanging mobile is adorned with hooks and knives. Even more disturbing, a claw reaches out for a knife on the mobile; the baby is a monster. Really well done, since we ended season 1 with a baby “devil” being born and labeled the Anti-Christ. Maybe we’ll get a whole season about that?


Milli Crossing: 3.5/5 Stars

This one is far more simple and open for a wide interpretation. A large millipede crawls from a woman’s forehead to her mouth. Extremely traumatizing, it’s probably just for shock value and not at all related to this next season.


Post Op: 4.5/5 Stars

This one gives me an “Asylum” vibe, which was the second season of AHS. It is super chilling. With actual dialogue, a surgeon staples this season’s logo to a bald man’s head. The painful-looking staples look like a 6 aligned with the letter “a”? If that’s not enough, a cruel voice tells his “patient” to try and keep it dry.

It’s so creepy. Could we be seeing AHS: Hospital?


Sunset Stroll: 4/5 Stars

Isn’t family time touching? A mother and father take their daughter on a sunset stroll but we can’t see any details about them. Their eyes glowing, they slowly walk toward the camera, trying to steal our souls. Cutesy family time, am I right?


What’s Cooking?: 3/5 Stars

In this first trailer, we see a spooky shack with black smoke protruding from the chimney. The logo appears, and we hear a chainsaw in the background, roaring while someone screams. American Chainsaw Massacre?


The Mist: 3.5/5 Stars

Far more disturbing, what lurks in the mist is an unknown threat. On an empty railroad track, we are forced to watch in fear as a large spiny creature with glowing eyes (a theme in these teasers) comes crawling toward the viewer. Not much story, but kind of terrifying.


Anthology: 5/5 Stars

And finally, the last trailer is probably one of the best teasers for AHS I’ve ever seen. The teaser starts with the signature hum that is the lullaby of season six. It showcases all previous seasons, as it spans through a montage of their original posters. From the Rubber Man hanging upside down in season 1, and a nun with black goo running down her stone eyes from season 2, to three witches sharing a snake in their mouths, to “Freak Show,” and finally “Hotel.” The teaser ends with an amazing montage of many of the teasers, showing that this season may have a strong connection to its predecessors.


We will find out what this season holds on Sept. 14 on FOX. To see all of the trailers, and many more, go to