First-ever, Student Operated Billboard!


DECA reveals new kiosk in foyer

First-ever, student operated billboard can be used by all

By Danielle Miller


Yesterday, DECA finally accomplished a goal that they have been working to make reality for the past two years. The first student-operated, electronic kiosk was revealed in front of family, friends and the community in the school foyer. With the help of DECA Adviser Erika Lucero, students, clubs and companies can now purchase their own advertisements, including video commercials, to be displayed throughout the school day.


“It was a dream and I’m so happy to say that it came true today,” Lucero said.


Helping students realize that DECA is more than a cookie shop, the kiosk is the vehicle that was missing to showcase what the marketing, hospitality and management organization is really about.


“DECA is about marketing and about becoming leaders through entrepreneurship,” said DECA President Sarah Molinar. “This is a great way to get what is taught in the classroom out there.”


Students can advertise birthdays and one-time ads, with prices starting from $5 to $20. For clubs and companies, they will be able to advertise special events, calendars and fundraisers. They will also have options to advertise monthly, weekly or daily, with prices ranging from $10 to $250. Some local businesses have already started advertising, including State Farm and Sonic. Sports schedules are also now in rotation to show students.


The new electronic billboard will now be a permanent part of the foyer, displaying important school information, videos and advertising for students, teacher and staff to see.


To fill out a request form for your ad to appear on the kiosk, you can go to or room D112.