Fall Fashion Big on Denim, Crop Tops

By Alexus Rios




Fall 2016 is finally here, and the long wait that we have all had to endure to wear our long boots, and cute little trench coats is finally over.




Although the weather in El Paso is very uncertain, that doesn’t mean we should stop looking good this season. Most teens have the tendency to shop at the same store, or stores that share a common aesthetic. The most popular are Forever 21, H&M, A’Gaci, and Pacsun.




But new trends are in, and we should try them. For this season, lots of denim on denim is in, influenced by this year’s fall fashion week. Look for denim shoes, overcoats and dresses. Also, another fashion statement in this year’s show was the peacoat/pea jacket; peacoats are a key essential for the fall season, whether you pair it on top or layer the outfit with a cute scarf.




One fashion trend that isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon is crop tops, for both guys and girls. Alexander Wang’s recent collection with crisscross ribbons down your midriff was the eye catcher of the night.




Fall just started, so take some time out of your day to research outfits to create some of the trendiest outfits this fall season.